We see many referred past users of hearing aids at our hearing aid lab who have had less than good experiences with hearing aids they purchased from various sources.
More than ninety percent of the time when questioned on how they were fit and tested with their aids, they report no tests were done to measure how well they could hear with their new aids “in their ears”.
For more than 20 years and more than 20,000 times, we have always used “Real Ear” computerized imaging tests to allow us to visually see and document “aid on” verses “aid off” hearing improvement. This very accurate imaging system allows the person fitting a hearing aid to monitor how the actual hearing device is improving or not improving the patients tonal hearing loss.
Without this verification process, fitting a hearing aid would certainly be more estimating than validating.
After a new or older hearing aid is tested by “Real Ear” or “Acoustic Resonance Imaging” we can then tell a patient how well their aid is working for their individual hearing loss.
Be sure; if you are getting a new hearing aid, that it is tested by “Real Ear”! This could be the most important issue when choosing to get a new aid fitting…
For more information on “Real Ear Testing” contact any of our offices.