Precision Hearing


My hearing is greatly improved even though I thought my previous hearing aids worked well. I had no idea how much I was missing with my former aids.


Excellent professional and caring service provided to me for over 25 years

Having hearing problems since I was a child, I have nevertheless been able to lead a full life in large part through the efforts and abilities of the staff at Precision Hearing.

Over the years, I have been able to get new hearing aids and adjustments to my current aids, to insure I have the best hearing possible.

As a former Superintendent of Schools, hearing has been an important component of my effective communication. My annual checkup has allowed me to increase my understanding of what is being said whenever there is another technological breakthrough.

The staff has taken the time to explain everything well, and his prices are quite reasonable. I have strongly recommended Precision Hearing Instruments to my friends, relatives, and neighbors; and anyone wishing to increase their hearing and understanding of what is being said will do well to set up an appointment.

Dr. Jerry Woehr

The hearing aids are comfortable to wear, overall sound clarity and tone quality is good. Service is very good!


Very happy

I was referred to Precision Hearing by my doctor for my hearing aids after I had a sudden change in my hearing, which was quite upsetting. I had worn hearing aids before but rarely used them. The staff took terrific personal care of all aspects of my new hearing aids.

I now wear my hearing aids every day and highly recommend Precision Hearing to my friends and family. Great!

George K.

Now I have much better overall hearing. It improved the quality of my life with my wife from the improved hearing. Very satisfied with the services received form Precision Hearing.


The new hearing aids are great. I was able to go to the movies and I could hear everything clearly. Remarkable! Thanks for the help.

Vern B.